Vision Rescue

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Empowering people to find their purpose, enjoy their rights, and live with dignity

For children living in poor and unsafe slum communities, a school is their safe haven. It’s where they are protected from the world outside, and freed to learn, grow and blossom to find their purpose. At Vision Rescue, every child in our classrooms isn’t just engaged in education; they are sustained in education through tailormade support services for the child, their family and their slum community. Through Vision Rescue, you can empower children in the slum communities where vulnerable children aged 3 to 14 years have been identified in desperate need of help. Your generous donations can help rescue them.

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Biju’s Story


“Little did I know what I was putting my foot into, regarding the deep waters of the needs and challenges of the city of Mumbai. Though the images of the children on the streets would haunt me...”

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